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What are Akashic Records?

Akashic records are the different dimensions of a soul that are in the form of energy waves/threads which are beautifully placed in the universe and these energy waves contain the records of a soul since its 1st incarnation. These records are in energy form not in physical form. At times, it is difficult for a human mind to believe or even visualize such a huge object which has no physical form.

Our Services

“We help you to Explore the Unexplored part of Your Soul”


Akashic Record Reading for Kids

Akashic Record Readings of kids will help you to identify the hidden treasure of your child. 

Akashic Record Reading for Adults

Our life journey is affected by the karmic stones that we have laid in previous lives.

Akashic Record Workshop

This intensive Akashic Record workshop will help you to understand your journey in a much deeper way.

Knowledge Bank 

We help shape your future !

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